The Wine


Leave the rod and have a glass, pilgrim!

Sauvignon Blanc – PELERIN

D.O.C. – C.M.D. Drăgăşani

Look for words in yourself that describe what you taste. They appear: poems from the seventh, love letters from high school, a forest of acacias, citrus from an oriental square, the balance of ships on the sea, a shell in the sand. Towards the end, the fresh taste shakes you and you see yourself from the outside - you, the glass, the sun hat.

Sauvignon Blanc Pelerin Sticla

Ramato – PELERIN

D.O.C. Drăgășani

Pinot Gris grapes speak to you in an archaic dialect. Normally you don't speak this ancient language, but now you seem to understand. They are telling you something about a shiny copper velvet with embroidery of violets and young nuts. You would tell them about yourself, but you feel that they already know everything. Surprisingly, that doesn't bother you at all...

Ramato Pelerin Sticla


D.O.C. Drăgășani

It's late in the evening, you'd like to go outside, no, better at home. You feel you would like something good, salty and consistent, no, it seems better to have something sweet and light. And fruits and almonds come to mind in the oven, from another time when the colors were bright and the air smelled of roses.

Rose Pelerin Sticla

Merlot – PELERIN

D.O.C. – C.M.D. Drăgăşani

You pour the wine in the glass and give it time to breathe from your air. You look at the glitters and the depths of grenades embedded in ageless jewelry and you understand that he whispers to you, firmly and nonchalantly, that time is the friend of the tireless pilgrim…

Cabernet Franc Reserve – PELERIN

I.G. Dealurile Olteniei

Take the bottle in your hand. Look at it in the sunlight. Do you see the purple red? Do you see the sun setting in blood color? Pour the wine into the carafe with secret waiting, then lightly into the glass and taste. Eternity has vague shades of prunes and blueberries. A memory of fine tobacco, from oak barrels. Let your mind wander the times, tender memories, feelings in volutes…

Cabernet Franc Reserve Pelerin Sticla

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Tasting at your home

Enjoy the surprising taste of Pelerin wine at your home. The producer reveals to you the secrets that make you fall in love with this noble, award-winning wine.