The Pilgrim's House and Events

Rest, Pilgrim, you've traveled a lot!

Only 2 and a half hours from Bucharest, Domeniul Drăgași awaits you, as a guest in the 5 double rooms and one nearby, as a taster of our dishes and wines, or simply as an observer of all the things that happen in silence. From the vineyard you see the mansion. But you can call it a hiding place or a revelation. You can even say „wow!" or draw its roof on a glass of Cabernet Franc left on the porch table.

Carefully enter any of the 6 rooms, the flooring creaks slightly. Please, don't run away when you change your mind.

You are expected!

If you want to get to know us, we invite you to:

Wine tasting PELERIN, for groups of minimum 6 people

  • Tasting package "RECOVERY": 5 wines (2 whites, 2 rosés, 1 red) with wine neutralisers and light snacks. Price: 135 lei/person
  • Pachetul de degustare cu platou brânzeturi: 5 vinuri (1 alb,2 rose, 2 roșii) Pret 165lei /persoană.
  • Tasting package "ENTHUSIAST": 5 wines (2 whites, 1 rose, 2 reds), together with hearty culinary dishes paired with wines. Price: 265 lei/ person.

Guided winery tours, depending on the rhythm of production activities and their requirements.


Stays including accommodation in the following options:

Single group stay - minimum 2 nights

Accommodation fully allocated Casa Pelerinului – regim demipensiune to the Pilgrim's House - half board (shared dining room of the 5 individual double rooms x 2 persons/room - total 10 persons, breakfast and dinner included served in the Winery Tasting Room). 

Price: 5000 lei/night/max 10 pax all the Pilgrim's House, (5 double rooms) 

Minimum 2 nights with half board on weekends plus 875 ron/night Cuvee. 

Suplimentar (2 pax Cuvee și 1 pax PG) costă 135 ron/ pax/noapte. Copiii sub 12 ani au reducere 50%. 

We do not recommend visiting with children under 12. 


Please note that on weekends the entire property has to be booked and on the third night you will get a 50% discount. 

During the week, the accommodation can be rented individually for a minimum of 2 nights.


Individual stay minimum 2 nights

  • Double room (two persons, breakfast and dinner included)
    Price: 1000 lei/night
  • Double room (one person, breakfast and dinner included)
    Price: 880 lei/night

Pentru copiii cu vârsta mai mică de 6 ani, masa se oferă gratuit dacă este din meniul adulților.
Pentru copiii cu vârsta cuprinsă între 6-12 ani, prețul meniului este de 50% copil din meniul de adult.
Pentru toate vârstele se poate opta pentru meniul de copii, 100 ron meniul.


We organize: Corporate events for the most important moments of your team

The details of each stay are established when booking.

Pentru oaspeții care doresc să ne treacă pragul, prețul cinei sau prânzului este de 230 lei/persoană


Guests of the Domeniul Drăgași will be informed about general rules of behaviour, aimed at ensuring the protection of the resort's values and the respect of each person involved in the "Pilgrim Experience".

The prices are based on an exchange rate of 1 EURO = 4,90 LEI and will be adjusted in case of significant changes in the inflation rate.

For booking, details and custom pricing, please contact us by email or from Monday to Saturday, between 09:00 and 20:00, at the phone number +40 766 995 929 – Alina